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(no subject)

It must be a good summer for the birds, because there's a somewhat haggard red-bellied woodpecker with not one, but TWO enormous, ill-mannered offspring following him around like grumpy doves in tweed jackets. Must remember to get another suet cake to make his life a little easier.

Tragedy: Several of my plants have died from overwatering.

Comedy: I haven't watered any of them for weeks. It just rains every day here.

As a sign of how fast humans can get used to stuff, Bob the spider didn't build a web last night, and both James and I went "Hey! Where'd Bob go?" And now I'm vaguely worried about a creature that, were he on the other side of the glass, I would scream and hammer into squishy eight-legged dust. Go figure.

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Sumac- like the morning glories. I need agent orange to get rid of these...

Kudzu has to be burned to bare earth at least twice in a season in order to kill it.

bob might be done building in that area. we have spiders that rotate their territory over our front lawn every summer. which is good because we have a "bob" (short for kate) that loves to build over the walkway into our front door. thankfully he leaves every morning after tidying up.

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