UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

It must be a good summer for the birds, because there's a somewhat haggard red-bellied woodpecker with not one, but TWO enormous, ill-mannered offspring following him around like grumpy doves in tweed jackets. Must remember to get another suet cake to make his life a little easier.

Tragedy: Several of my plants have died from overwatering.

Comedy: I haven't watered any of them for weeks. It just rains every day here.

As a sign of how fast humans can get used to stuff, Bob the spider didn't build a web last night, and both James and I went "Hey! Where'd Bob go?" And now I'm vaguely worried about a creature that, were he on the other side of the glass, I would scream and hammer into squishy eight-legged dust. Go figure.
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