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(no subject)

There is a moth on the door.

At first we thought it was a bird, which may tell you something. It is bright, lemony yellow, and has a wingspan wider than my hand is long. Its body is unbelievably huge, thicker around than James's thumb, and at least two inches long (I held a ruler up the glass.) The feathery antennae are large and visible and it has large mesh eyes and frantically groping yellow squidgy bits.

It is fearfully enormous, larger than some of the little birds around here. I can't imagine a bat trying to eat it--even the big brown bats aren't very much larger than this is. It'd be like me trying to tackle a live goat with my teeth.

I am both fascinated and thoroughly grossed out.

Update: And thanks to level_head, we have an ID! It's an Imperial Moth! Woo! Go Imperial Moth!

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It's Troy the Angry Monkey with Wings, holding a banana. And completely from imagination.

Almost identical to a stuffed toy, you say? That's kinda weird.

The icon's a character that you made up, you mean? Freaky.

Now that I've gotten the toy out from the box- it has the same body shape and coloration as the icon, even of the wings, same hairless paws and face. The wings aren't so much like a Wuzzle's wings in shape, though, and the tail is hairless, and the eyes are smaller. And it's not screaming. I remembered it as looking more similar, but it's still a closer match than I've seen so far.

Here I was hoping I'd finally found someone who could tell me what the thing is.

It doesn't have an informative tag on it anywhere. It doesn't look handmade, and the type of stuffing isn't what carnival prizes are like. At first I thought it was from some short-lived cartoon, but it doesn't look like it's based on a cartoon- it's more like someone was trying to make a realistic monkey with rat's tail and butterfly's wings. Very weird.

I could take a photo of it.

Do, and I'll ask around with my friends and the like. You can send me an e-mail (Ursula's journal really isn't the place for this convo) at Jaguarmundi@comcast.net

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