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So the rat sold right away, to my surprise--and as several other people made inquiries, my eventual dismay. I always feel bad when people want to buy a painting that's sold already, as if I have somehow failed by not having more in stock. It's not even the money, I just kinda feel bad that they like my art enough to want to live with it or give it as a gift, and I can't help. Often they're fans or people I've know from on-line, which sorta compounds the matter.

This is an irrational sort of feeling, I know, and obviously I'd prefer that too many people want a painting rather than NOBODY, it's way better than the alternative, but nevertheless. Maybe I'll try auctioning off the next one, which usually assuages some of my guilt. (Yeah, yeah, I can hear the jeers now. It's a pretty dumb thing to angst over, I know, like having a phobia of piles of small unmarked bills or something.)

Who knew the rat would be so popular? If I were a clever and canny capitalist, or at least more susceptible to Rafferty's attempts at brainwashing, I would take advantage of this and do a veritable rainbow of happy rats.

Bein' me, I have a sudden urge to paint starnosed moles or something. Somewhere, there's a sketch of a starnosed mole in a trenchcoat saying "That's MISTER Starnose to you!" which is as far as I've ever gotten. (I always kinda wanted to do a sexy starnosed pin-up just to see if anybody would buy it, but y'know...)
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