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(no subject)

Today I wrote out a check, as I do every month, to Macalester College, my alma mater. I have occasionally unworthy thoughts about the amount of money involved, but I squelch them, because college is part of what made me what I am, and other than losing a few pounds and maybe developing the ability to shoot lasers from my eyes, I would not be other than as I am.

I am pretty bad about bills--not about paying them, per se, which I do with surprising regularity for an artist, and I have kept faith with my student loan through thick and thin--but with keeping track of how much I owe. So this was the first time I'd glanced at my student loan info in awhile, and discovered, quite to my astonishment, that I am at exactly the halfway point in paying it off. Fifty-six hundred down, fifty-six hundred to go. Another five years, if I don't throw some more money at it in the meantime.

In five years I'll be thirty-two. I know that five years is very little time, and yet five years ago, I was still working at Prudential Insurance reading fraud claims, James was slaving over Myth II maps, and this was the best painting I'd ever done. And that seems like a thousand years ago, give or take. So I wonder if the next five will see as much change, or if I'll look back and go "Dude. That was a whole five? No way."

Sorry. Maudlin PMS this month. You know how it is.

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I have this feeling we'll look back even when we're 80 and think "That was 80 years? No way."

That's still a pretty cool painting. :)

Yeah, I was having a dose of "It's been how long?!?" myself, recently. It's a month past eight years since I moved to LA for animation school. Eight years. There's stuff from then online, too.

It seems like forever, but then again it doesn't seem all that long ago.

As someone for whom five years is a sizeable chunk of my life, it can look simultaneously like a very long time and a very short one. On the other hand, it really depends what timescale you're on. "How long it will take to do X" might be anywhere from a minute to a decade, but if it's a day, two weeks will look long, whereas if it's a year, two months will look short. "How much of my life this is" makes a year look like a long time if you're ten and a short time if you're a hundred. It's all in perspective.

....And, as usual, I click the wrong button and end up with my post set as a reply to a post with which it has little if anything to do.
That was intended to be a comment on the entry.

Years begin to seem progressively shorter and shorter as life goes on. It's all proportional, 5 years being two thirds of your life when you're 15 yet only a fifth when you're 25, a tenth at 50, and so on and so forth. We perceive "partial time" only as a fraction of what is "total time" for us.
Or at least that's how my personal little pet theory goes. *pets theory* *theory purrs*

"When we're young, the days are short and the years are long - when we're old, the days are long and the years are short."

I can only hope I experience as much change in five years. :)

In weather we measure the strength of mid-latitude low pressure systems based on the high pressure systems surrounding them... more than anything else, this finally made me comprehend relativity. Time is like that. Two weeks at my mom's for vacation felt like two months, while I just logged over eleven years in the military and it doesn't seem like all that long ago at all. No matter your relative time, I think it's most important to live your life, not just exist in its shell.

Great googly moogly! That was all smarmy philo babble =)

Hello. My name is Hope and I have student loans to pay.

Hi, Hope

>>giggles<< I'm 32 and haven't started paying my student loans yet - I graduated about a year ago but have been only spottily employed since then. I'm still on hardship deferrment.

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