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The frogs are done. And sent. And will doubtless come back for edits, but that doesn't matter. All that matters is that they are finally, gloriously, done. Done!

I kid you not, I hit 'Send' and I heard the Hallelujah chorus from Handel's Messiah, as if from an angelic host, five thousand strong, hovering somewhere just inside my right ear.

I should probably get that looked at.

I feel free. I have three mercenary quarter-pagers and a slew of half-page sketches to hammer out in the next week and a half, and I still...feel...free.

It was probably worth it, but I don't wanna do that again for awhile.

P.S. Today's Digger features the Vampire Squash of Balkan legend, brought to my attention some months back by an alert reader. I have forgotten alert reader's name, but whoever you are, you're damn cool. Take a bow.

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I am overcome with love for the vampire squash.

It is the cutest. thing. ever.

Romancing the gourd...

Most excellent!

Oh! Is that what that is?

For a minute there I was going to ask if you'd crossed the wrong allergy meds or something...

(Deleted comment)

Doesn't Terry Pratchett mention the vampire squash in one of his Discworld novels?

I *love* the squash (and it was great to finally meet you yesterday! hoorah!)!

Re: vampire squash

Some people in an areea of Uberwald "... believe in vampire watermelons. Although *what* they believe about vampire watermelons is unclear. Maybe they bite back"

Think that's it. My memory isn't really up to making exact quotes (it can't even remember what day of the week it is sometimes) and I'm too lazy to find the book and make an exact quote, but I'm fairly sure it was something like that. It's in Carpe Juggulum if cares enough to check though, near the start somewhere

- Big Dave, yet another Terry Pratchett fan :p

Re: vampire squash

Bah. Bunnicula will ever hold a special place in my heart!

Ok, actually Harold and Chester will, along with the phrase "The Celery Stalks at Midnight."

Agreed--I love Harold and Chester. :-) For me, it'll be "Howliday Inn," which I actually play-acted with my stuffed dogs and cats when I was about ten. The *whole* book, word for word. I was a rather odd child. ;-)


Re: vampire squash

Now why was that movie never made...? If only someone would do it properly, and stick to the book. Sigh. That'd be a million times better than movies like Cats & Dogs.

I preferred "Return to Howliday Inn." But they were all good.

Just Say No to Ear Pr0n

Actually, you shouldn't have it looked at. Since angels tend to be naked in all those old paintings, that'd make you guilty of... soliciting, or something. Without a license.

Re: Just Say No to Ear Pr0n

Either that or, if the paintings are accurate, the angels would be guilty of indecent exposure, which, although it'd make an interesting law case, would probably end up with Ursula being in the courtroom as a witness just as god smites the building for such disrespect

So no, it'd probably be best not to have it checked

-Big Dave

Dreaming horror movies and tintinnitizing Handel - you have it waaaaay too good. ;)

Okay, now, don't be stingy. You have to SHARE the link to the Vampire Squash of the Balkans.

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