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(no subject)

More things that should have words, but don't--for example, the nagging guilt when you have failed to update your webpage recently. Or the nagging guilt mixed with vague defiance when you have failed to update your webcomic in the last week. Then, of course, we'd need a word for the short-lived sense of relieved accomplishment when you actually churn out a page, although it's so short lived that, like many super-heavy elements with twenty syllable names, it's only possible to detect it by the by-products it leaves after blinking out of existence.

Regardless, those by-products could currently be detected in my vicinity, if one had an electron microscope, say; and a particularly agonizing dungeon crawl in this morning's gaming session allowed me to storyboard out the next five pages of my comic "Irrational Fears." Now I just need a word for that sinking sensation that occurs when you realize that what was originally gonna be a ten or fifteen page lark is steaming toward thirty pages. Still, a story takes as long as it takes, sometimes longer, particularly, when you have no bloody idea what you're doing. (But it's all worth it for that equally nameless, but warm and fuzzy, deeply astonished feeling when total strangers come up to you and say "Man, I love the thing with the chupacabra!")

The latest installment of that thing with the chupacabra

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I thought those feelings were the reason that profanity was invented...

A friend of mine seems to just use the word 'Doom' (or 'Undoom') for all of those. It works for me.

Man, I love that thing with the chupacabra! ('gryn)

Seriously, if it's hitting 30 pages, then hey, you have a comic book.

..if she does episodes with ALL the Gallery of Horror she displayed in the first page or so, she's got herself a graphic novel. XD (I can hear Ursula's shriek now. XD )


The funny bit is that when I started out, I planned just that. Of course, that was before the Monsters Under The Bed turned out to be a bloody novella...

It's even worse when you've got something that's already big enough to be a good-sized graphic novel sitting in the back of your skull, wondering why you haven't really started on it. (Patience, oh nameless monster girl: I am trying to hammer your story into shape, and find the right way to tell it.) I have this worry I'll end up doing something the size of Cerebus the Aardvark once I get off my ass and get it going.

Thank you!

And the Big Rabbit reminds me of the "Thing in the Hat" from Twilight Zone, The Movie".

===|==============/ Level Head

Suggestion...David Allen at Plan 9 Publishing

He is always looking for new talent, pays decently, his checks don't bounce and he represents some heavy hitters as far as online comics go (ie. "Kevin and Kell", "Sluggy Freelance", Jane's World", etc)...

Check out the submissions section if this flips your trigger.~S~

from a passing total stranger...

Man, I love that thing with the chupacabra. *grin*

(Although you may be getting deaththreats from the man who's been listening to me babble about giant chocolate bunnies gone bad and dripping jello frog wings and selling one's soul for a two-headed bird skeleton and the grounded concrete crane. It's not just the thing with the chupacabra, y'see. And since I share both finances and wallspace with him and have been making thoughtful noises about prints, he's getting more and more disturbed.)

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