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Lumpy, having discovered that I am too lazy to drive out to Home Depot and get the hot pepper suet, and have been putting regular 'ol peanut suet in the feeder, is now a regular guest. He's bird-feeder busting vermin, but I feel bad for him--nobody deserves to have giant "warbles" (as the bug-filled bump is evidentally called.) Now that he's right outside the window on a regular basis, I have a better view, and my inital observation is confirmed--poor bastard has TWO of 'em, one on each side, just back of the armpit. (Probably a good place for parasites--hard to groom, warm, well protected.) While a healthy adult can have twice that number without dying, according to my reading, it's still probably no fun.

Me: He sure is eating a lot.

James: Well, he's eating for three.


Despite the noxiousness of it all, I'm (as you can probably tell) still fascinated. That's nature for you...revolting and intruiging at the same time.
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