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I sing of the berserkers, beloved of the skalds and songsmiths, the great warriors of Thor's domain, smashers of Jotunheim, doers of deeds, wearers of weaselskins! Fearless in fighting, ruthless in raids, fleet of foot and fat of form, the brave berserk, the war-hardened servants of the war-god, the great Battle Hamsters of the North!


(Okay, it's doggerel. There's a reason you don't hear me complaining about all these jobs as a Viking bard falling in my lap.)

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Holy crapballs those are awesome! It's perfect. People think hamsters are cute little harmless things but they are WRONG.

I <3.

Okay, it's doggerel. There's a reason you don't hear me complaining about all these jobs as a Viking bard falling in my lap.

But it's doggerel in Sievers' verse! Great pic.


What really amuses me is that this isn't one of those 'haha, funny, look, a timid animal as a warrior!' sorts of situations - hamsters think they are QUITE fierce, indeed. Old roommate of mine took care of the animals in a biology lab at one point in college, and would relate the epic battles the males got into before they were put into seperate cages. Epic... on their backs and flailing their paws battles... but epic and fierce, nonetheless! Hamsters are not to be underestimated!

I never actually had a pet hamster, but James tells me that his used to chew their own feet off when they were bored or angry. Sadly, I did not find a way to work that tidbit into this painting.

chew their own feet off

The Fountain of Tyr!!

I really, really like the phrase "Wearers of weaselskins."

When my brother and I were children (and didn't know better), we had two dwarf hamsters—brothers—that (again, as we didn't know better) we kept in the same cage.

My brother's hamster was found dead by the food bowls one morning.

I took it to be a good omen. Better him than me.

Whoa. That's a really tiny mouse, or else some really huge hamsters.

Well, of course! they are Hamster Berskerkers of the North! Such fierce warriors are always huge!

Great! For some reason the one on the left strikes me as slightly feminine... it might be the angry-mother stance and the way it glares at the mouse. 'Go to your room!'

Heh, I see what you mean. It's the "Where have you been till 3o'clock in the morning without phoning" or "so what happened to the chocolate cake we were having for dinner" pose :p

- Big Dave, who now has an LJ account

Heh, I remember last year sometime, I was showing my classmates your rock-on brown skunk(he's a favorite of mine) and they thought it was te most adorable thing ever.

I think it has competition. :oD

Loving the loin cloths.

Now you've done it...

Ok... now I'm officially worried about you.

(And if that picture doesn't scream Childrn's book!! I don't know what does.)

Re: Now you've done it...

Ms. Loves Strange
(or: how I learned to stop worrying and enjoy the Ursula)

They are wonderful!
They make me think of Offworld Designs' "WarHamster" T shirts.
But much cuter!

Okay Ursula, I really must know what ungulates are so hamster-sized that they can wear their horns as headdresses!

I guess all that pillaging keeps those mighty warriors very well fed. Although no offense but it seems that their mode of locomotion might as well be rolling. (the horns could be the brakes).

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