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(no subject)

Woo! Finally got a chance to RP again after many, many moons...some buddies started up an Eberron campaign. James and I have never actually played anything d20, so there's some rule fumbling still, but it was a fun startup session. I am playing a well-meaning-but-not-too-bright female paladin named Lance.* Lance has a live chicken**. This made combat particularly exciting, as I had to do the first encounter with the chicken strapped to my character's back. Combat does not agree with the chicken. The chicken became distraught. James's ranger ran up, clucking, in the middle of the encounter, intending to soothe the chicken. Unfortunately, he's got a charisma score down in his toes, and was first level anyway, so the chicken became hostile. Nothin' like trying to patch up the fallen while tied to an enraged chicken...

We spent the rest of the session, whenever there was downtime, with James's ranger trying to charm my chicken, and failing miserably. Also, our other friend's psychic whatsit slaughtered our contact. Somebody had to do it, I suppose. It's not a campaign unless you immediately kill the people with all the valuable information, right? So we've started out the campaign by killing someone important, which gets it off in fine style. I'm looking forward to it!

*What? Lance is a good paladinly name!

**It has sentimental value. And eggs.

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*claps* enraged chicken for the win!~

Next time you could try sending the chicken into combat and tying the ranger to your character's back.

Hmm. Or not. Your call, of course.

my favorite fake name for a guy:

Lance Uppercut?
Max Power?
Dow Jones?

Hah! You guys sound like the kind of folks I'd enjoy RPing with.

I miss it so.

I agree. In fact, I will now publicly grovel in an attempt to convince you to game with us.


Oh great and wise Ursula! She of the Gaijin Sea-Witch's name! The gap into which many on the net attempt to leap, thus damaging their noggins and monitors! Hear me and grant my prayer: Join us in our humble endeavors as we ramble about the net, whooping and hollering and flinging boots at innocent strangers! Be as a guiding light unto us, and wield your mighty powers in the pursuit of Humor, Procrastination and the Internet Way! *grovelgrovelgrovel*

If it makes a difference,
sparklypelt is part of the group. But only if it's a GOOD difference! Yes! Otherwise she's... uh, someone else entirely. Over there, in that pond.

*laugh* Well, the thing is, I've never PLAYED a play-by-e-mail campaign. And I don't have a 3.5 sourcebook lyin' around either. So while I'm flattered, I dunno if we could get around some of the practical issues...

Well, since I handle the rules, and the playing doesn't require much more than a paragraph of character-writing a few times a week (something I don't really think will be a problem for you), I don't think the practical issues are all that great.

Therefore, I renew my pleading! Pleeeease? *g*

James's ranger ran up, clucking, in the middle of the encounter, intending to soothe the chicken.

Absolutely classic.

So is the Eberron setting as cool as I keep hearing?

Eh, dunno yet...ask me in a few months. So far it's just a blur of polysyllabic names with apostraphes plunked into them. (Observations about this tendency led to the fact that my character's real name is "B'ob.")

(Deleted comment)
Close. It should have been Roberta Robertovna. Patronimic names are fun, aren't they?

is that short for K'ate?

sorry. we've gotten pavlovian about the name bob. it's like a knee jerk reaction to always ask if it's short for kate. i blame black adder. totally and fully.

I can just imagine it the Ranger's Charisma score was maxed, and the Chicken took a fancy to him!

Thanks a lot, now you've actually made me think about that.
All I can say is "Eeeeeeewwwww!

I can sympathize with the other characters. I wish I had someone with the
"never gets lost abilities" when trying to find my car in really big parking lots.

I'm going to be running an Eberron campaign locally, because the only other worthwhile GM around here has a massive epic campaign of his own to deal with, and SOMEONE has to provide a venue for Warforged Artificers, dammit.

This will be my first foray into running games from modules, because I'm just uncomfortable working in other peoples' settings. We'll see if this actually reduces prep time.

Wow! The both of us start roleplaying for the first time in a long time, and both of us have hilarious run-ins with varying forms of nonstandard winged creatures! Coincidence? I think so.

Personally, I think the Love Bats were better. They're at least a +3 to Arcane Cuteness!

*RP envy* That sounds like a lot more fun than the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil slog I'm going through. ;_; Gods, I hate scripted modules.

(It looks like mutiny, though. At least four of the group is sick of that module... I sense a new game coming up. Still stuck in a d20 system though... rats.)

I would love very much to see this paladin and her chicken vs. the ranger on paper. Along with that clinging-to-the-roof-of-a-van-full-of-zombies that I think I read about a long time ago.

(Deleted comment)
Have you played/DM-ed 3.0? Trying to figure out if we need to buy 3.5 books for my Gamers Guild or if we're ok with the 8 million other books we already have.

This is very much off-topic, but I have been stalking you following your work for over a year. Now that I’ve finally gotten a Live Journal, would you mind if I friended you? (The more the merrier, right?)

Thanks for all of the wonderful entertainment and art.

I sort of have to wonder about strapping a chicken to your back... Wouldn't it make more sense to, um, carry it around in a cage? And then put the cage down when you're fighting?

Nevermind, the humor value of trying to fight with a chicken strapped to your back is worth the hassle. ('gryn)

Well, on a long distance trek, I figured it made more sense to have the chicken, possibly in a cage or tray or on a harness of some variety, on top of the pack on the back, leaving the hands free to draw swords and whatnot. I mean, I wouldn't want to walk hundreds of miles carrying anything in my hands.

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