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I have the last book of the Dark Tower series in my hot little hands. Expect nothing from me for the hours until I have finished.

The funny thing is that I know it'll probably be a little disappointing. I'm sure it'll be good, mind you, I'll even give reasonably good odds on great, but there is simply no way that the last book of a seven book epic spanning god knows how many years can live up to my expectations. (And I've only been reading them for two years--some people have waited thirty.) Particularly not quasi-horror. Sooner or later, you have to show the monster, and nothing is ever as scary as the build-up.* But that doesn't really matter--the important thing is that this is the end of the road, and I'll enjoy it. Even if it's total crap from beginning to end, I'll devour it like some kind of literary scatophage. Because...well...we've come this far.

*With the possible exception of the thing in "Alien" and only the first one.

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Yeah, I just started it myself. I'm about two chapters in, and... Well, I dunno. The feel has changed so drastically since Way Back When that it's hard to even attempt to predict where it'll go.

I agree-- it's likely to be a little disappointing, and not bad, but just... disappointing. I certainly hope I'm surprised.

If nothing else, it's a huge big fat book, and Stephen King is a good enough writer (when he's actually trying to be a good writer-- certain of his recent books I don't think he was really trying) that just sitting and reading it will be a pleasure.

But, yeah. I've been reading these things for a good fifteen or eighteen years, I think-- I remember reading the first book when I was 15 or so, although I had a copy of the issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction with the first story in it before then... By now, I just want to know what happens, and I'm glad King didn't up and die before he had a chance to finish it.

Please post when you finish it-- I'm curious what you think.

I'm scared to go buy it
then it'll be over and.. what will i do with myself?? *weep

I'm with you... I haven't bought any of the new ones yet - I don't think I want it to be over since I've been waiting for them for about 8 years now. *weeps too*

Hoping to be buying a copy this weekend, when the check comes in.


(Been there, done that. The cycle must be complete, and all that rot. The butler did it.)

I've got it on audiobook. 28 hours' worth. I'm an hour and a half in, and my mind is blown already. Having a lot of fun.

Ooh! The last Dark Tower book is out?! Must go buy it! Can't afford it, but must buy it anyway. I'll probably do it tomorrow after work...

It's OUT?! IT'S OUT!? *cackles maniacly* I must get it NOW. RIGHT NOW...or...ahem..however long it takes ebay to send it to me.

Wait, that's the LAST book? The things finally OVER?


Woo HOO!

King took so long between volumes that I found myself having to reread the earlier ones or wind up completely lost... as a result, I just guv up on the last couple, and decided to wait until he finally finished.

And he HAS!!!

Because IT had such a great reveal of the monster. I think that I threw that book across the room when I read the bit about the giant spider from space.

Seriously. Great book, wretched ending. Entirely anticlimactic. Honestly, spiders don't scare me, and a giant spider is just too '50s-B-Movie to make me do anything but yawn.

No wonder Pennywise posed as a Clown in our world. That was a genuinely scary guise.

Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only person who ended up throwing that book across a room. I can't recall exactly where I did it; it was roughly 3/4 of the way through, and it was either at the giant spider (... wow, how scary...), or at the prepubescent sex scene.

I honestly half-expected to have the last book heralded with reports of King bursting into flames... or marching straight into the Atlantic in full view of a crowd... or refusing to speak or write any word except "vibescu," or something.

How fondly I remember the wait from three to four. By comparison, these last three have seemed positively churned out.

I'm getting my copy today, say thankee, and I'm going to read them from the beginning (revised copy of book 1) to the end of the new one. And if hubby starves along the way, we'll call it Ka ;)

Just so you know, you're gonna be loosing more time soon. New Pretchett book's out today (in the UK, anyway) :p


*scurries off to investigate*

It'll take longer to get out here, but yes, I have the calender marked...

It'll be worth the wait. It's a new set of characters again, but it's pretty good. Wont say any more though so I dont spoil it :)

the last?!?! already! dayum, im really behind!! *waits in the library return box for someone to return wolves of the calla*

With the possible exception of the thing in "Alien" and only the first one

I dunno. How about Dune (movie, not book) and the actual revelation of one o' the wormies? Maybe it's a difference between visualization and sensation -- I think I could come up with lots of movies that have a worthy revelation.

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