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Oh, yeah, art...

That's right, y'all come here for the art, right?


One of the handful of pieces to actually derive from personal experience...I had a hard time getting up yesterday. (And I just now noticed that levels and erasing did not clear up some woggy bits at the edges. Bugger.)

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Cought my facial expression perfectly. WHAT DO YOU WANT!?! It's before noon....

I actually saw that one on DA at about 8:30AM while I was sat here, coffee in hand, trying to wake up. Talk about timing!

If I had the money, I'd buy him. He'd really cheer me up on Mondays especially!

Just thought you might enjoy and then propagate this -- its relevance doesn't become apparent until quite near the end.

Hey, that dragon works in my department!

That needs to be on one of those "Not a morning person" shirts.

I just used your artwork to tease a 40 year old slasher who despised coffee until she met me.

Your art has an interesting life.

Actually, I come here for the amusing anecdotes. The art is just a perk.

But, oh, you captured exactly how this orange dragon feels this morning.

Those mushrooms look uber-comfy.

Mushrooms provided by Lay-Z-Fungus!

i continue to boggle at your coolness.

That wouldn't be an original going up for sale, would it? Because that's quite possibly the most adorable thing I've seen in about six months, short of the Smallrus, which got snapped up before I could inquire...

It will, indeed, be for sale! Drop an e-mail if interested--nobody's claimed it yet!

Ooh, finally, I'm the first person to get there... although it all depends on cash flow, of course... Any idea how much you'd be asking for it?

Ah... lemmee see, 9 x 12, not much background...$80 ish, I'd say. I take installment plans, too, if the cash only flows so far. *grin*


Mine! Mine!

I'll email you...

Meep. I don't suppose I could cajole you into offering prints of this little guy? That is SO me in the mornings. (as in: DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER DO NOT APPROACH WITHOUT OFFERINGS OF CAFFEINE)

And for the record, I come here for the stories too :)

Prints, indeed, available! 10$ apiece! Just drop a line...

wow. Really nice texture and shine to the dragon's body. The emotional punch of the piece is superb. Well done.

That's forest first thing to a T! Will have to be sure and show him this :)

That is soooo me, wabby bits included, in the morning. Buzzer went off at 6AM, Elka went off at 6:01. Unlike clocks, dogs don't have a snooze button, no matter how many times you press their noses :-)


To add insult to injury, once I got back from dropping my GF off at work, the silly pooch hopped up on the bed and used my feet as a pillow to take a nap while I, now properly caffinated and all wide awake did LJ stuff on the laptop. :-D


I like this... :)
Mmm... sunny-colored dragon.

I come here for the entries, personally; the art is a tasty icing on an already yummy cake. X)

*L* Wow, that's both me and my husband in the mornings - although for Juha, it'd need a few more eyebags (he really doesn't do mornings well).

Hey, that reminds me of "Labyrinth!"

... though, I actually have yet to see Labyrinth. I'm sure that it would if I had seen it, though!

I *need* that on an oversize t-shirt to wear as PJs.

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