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(no subject)

Everyone probably knows this by now, but--Go Spaceship One! Woo!

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Might I add: Go Mt. St. Helens! Whoot!

Edit: Alright, dammit, if I don't get it right this time, somebody's gettin' sacrificed.

Arr Oh Eff El!

[Alopex] Like moths to a candle flame, giant mutant bugs are attracted to an active volcano? Life is more fascinating than fiction!

Huzzah for the Rutans! GO BURT!

This rocks!
I'm tickled pink!
Last night, I caught the last 3 episodes of "From The Earth To The Moon" (the Tom Hanks-produced thing),
then I segued into "Lost In Space" (the movie) for a bit, then watched "Dark Sky", the Discovery Channel
show all about Burt and his team and White Knight and SpaceShipOne. Woo hoo!!

And this morning, whammo! X-Prize in da bag!! Double and triple W00T!!!

Thanks NASA, WE'll take from here!

Funny thing is, yours is the first entry on my friends list regarding the event. So probably, some people didn't know by now. :D

I will, in all honesty, admit to being a hermit lately, and with a vague expression say "I'm sorry, but what?" Cuz I have not yet seen anything that might explain what you're talking about....

Re: So I'm a hermit


Scaled Composites won the X Prize.

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