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(no subject)

I have no idea what it is, but I don't trust it.

I suspect it of being a wogwump.

I had no idea wogwumps were so inherently untrustworthy.

Y'know, you're right ... someone's about to lose their life savings. Or their knickers. Possibly both. What on earth were you thinking about while you painted it?

Honestly, pretty much nothing you'd expect to give rise to this. I think I'd been playing Civ. This is actually toned down a little--the original sketch looked REALLY creepy, but I couldn't quite recapture what was so wrong with it in the painting.

people say the same thing about me

It's Alice's caterpillars brother. You know... THAT brother, the one the family doesn't talk about after that incident involving mushrooms and underage grubs.

It's really creepy, Ursala. Were you reading Dalmers biography or something when you painted it?

That's what I was thinking, too.

I can hear it say, "What... are... you?"

When you answer, it flips open a cookbook.

It doesn't remind me of Labyrith in the slightest (does that help?) Has to be said, 99% of your stuff doesn't, but this really doesn't.

Unsettling, but somehow....

No, just unsettling.

For some reason a lot of people at Deviantart are saying it looks like Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter.

AND Labryinth. But I probably ruined any hope of legitimate sampling on that one. *grin*

It has the smug look of a critter that has just eeked out a fart and is waiting for you to notice.

Sort of a frog-newt-chameleon...

Yeah, it is a little overly smug there.

It's cute, too, though.

...Never trust anything with a mout bigger than your head.

No Labyrinth connection for me either... actually, it reminds me of Thalmus, an extremely, I mean extremely nasty character in David Hopkin's "Jack".

in my high school english class we studied the symbolism of flowers when we were doing Hamlet. Upon seeing this, for a moment I thought that the daisy represented deceit. Surprised about your perhaps accidental but still charming use of flower symbolism, i looked it up in my old notes . . . only to find that the daisy represents innocence and it was the daffodil that represented the insincerity and deceit. how disappointing . . .


excellent work by the way

Which adds in the audio effect of the creature claiming
"Iiiiiiii didn't dooooooooo iiiiiiiitttttttttt!!!!!" in a sinister high-pitched voice.

PS: Don't ask it *what* it didn't do. You probably don't wanna know.

If that'd been crawling around my head with no declared purpose, *I'd* be worried, too.

I don't know what it is either... but something tells me it's got a voice like Barry White.

I think you have that exactly right!

It's a daisy-pusher, that's what it is.

This is the best answer yet.

Looks poisonous to me. Or at least capable of giving one a nasty rash.