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(no subject)

One of the sponsors of NPR has the slogan "Helping to value young people as a resource."

It probably says bad things about me that my brain every single time fills in with "By harvesting their organs!"

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You should offer them A Modest Proposal with your ideas!

did you have a bowl of MST3Special K today ?
you know that starting off your day the right way includes a good old bowl of surreal and a glass of Immposibly coloured fluid !

It only says that you have that nice, healthy dose of cynicism to see the truth behind those words.

Well, just watch them if they seem really edgy about insufficient pledging...

"WSUC Suny Cortland."
"It Sucks!"

NPR has cool ads anyway.

Nono, that sounds about right. What do young people need their organs for anyway?

To sell them so they can get through college, of course.

Well, they're handy to play music on in a church....

(Deleted comment)
You could just tell kids that. Then you can watch them fret over their new liver growing in, or earnestly telling their parents that they can't go to school today because their spleen is coming loose.

This has "Invader Zim" written all over it...

blackrockroll: that is the best way to use them
blackrockroll: I call the spleen

So spake KC.

"Helping to value young people as a resource."

"...of cheap, renewable labor."

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