UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

In case anybody missed it, Zogby, of the famed Zogby polls, was on the Daily Show last night, and said if he had to bet, he thinks the election will go for Kerry. Bush simply doesn't have good enough numbers for an incumbent at this point, since the undecideds and new registers tend to break against the incumbent.

I'm trying not to even hope, because the horror of four more years would be bad enough without adding crushed hope, and of course the polls have been wiggly as fish in syrup on this race, and for any poll anybody can pull up, there is an equal and opposite pull, and of course everybody will claim THEIRS is non-partisan (i.e. agrees with them) and so forth, but nevertheless, despite my best efforts, in my heart of hearts there is a tiny gleam that says ohgodletitbetrueohpleaseohplease...
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