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(no subject)

Ladies and gentlemen, wombats and hyenas, thanks to the always-fabulous Ellen Million--we gots Digger stuff!


Magnets, stickers, and most importantly, T-shirts (both black and white.)

How cool izzat?

Edit: There will be other designs to follow in the future, although no specific ETA. I'm hearing some request for Ed stuff, maybe...*grin*

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Oooh! Digger magnets! Digger t's! ED magnets! She said hopefully!

I might just hafta get me one of those Digger t's for Christmas. :)

And on shirts i can actually wear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't want to seem overly greedy, but here are my thoughts for some Tees that I'd really love to see some day (color on black shirts):

- A painting by Ed on the front and a picture of Ed working on a painting on the back.
- The words "Ursula V" on the front and a group picture (Ed, Chu, Digger, Bob, Gothbat, etc) on the back.
- Blank front with the words "Bark Like a Fish!" on the back with a cool barking fish logo.

I miss Chu!

Chu! **misses Chu as well**

I really like the Ed-t idea of yours! I would also like to see a Platypus creation-myth propoganda t-shirt. :)

Yay, I second all four of these!

Though maybe I'd have the Ursula V gang on the front and a URL on the back..


Now if only I had, you know, money.

(Deleted comment)
It'll be available on-line, I think--I'll have a link.

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