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Today, James and Ursula learned a valuable lesson. They learned why you never, ever, ever, ever drive home 600 miles on the Sunday after a major holiday.

The trip normally takes us eight hours and some change. We limped in after thirteen and a half hours, much of which was spent in a parking lot masquerading as the interstate.

Also, somebody whanged our car in the Taco Bell parking lot in Summersville, West Virginia. Someone orange. Driving what was either an SUV or a tank. (I'm guessing this based on the enormous size and vivid color of the dent, not because I saw it happen--we came out of Taco Bell and went "Dude!") However, while my inclination was to be deeply uncharitable to anyone in Summersville because of this, both the gas station owner who let me use his phone and the very kind police officer who came and took my report were very nice, and redeemed Summersville to a large extent. The car is fine, it's cosmetic only, but my deductible weeps.

But we live! Athena is fine--fat, dumb, happy, in urgent need of an anal gland expressing, but that's easily dealt with.

And now I have fifty bizillion e-mails to read through...

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That sucks. How inconsiderate of that jerk.

A pox on him/her and the large orange vehicle. May Ghoulies and ghosties and things that go "Police, OPEN UP!" in the night visit him/her.

It wasn't a tank. Tanks arent orage. Take it from me.

Glad you are back safe and sound, but yeah. Sunday after a major Holiday you should allready be home, recovering :-)

Welcome Back.


If someone picked up an army surplus tank, they could've painted it any color they wanted. Or maybe it was just set up for deer hunting season.

There is (or was, not sure if it's still there) a pink tank in London.

Who isn't in need of an anal gland expressing?

Yeah. Don't try to get through customs either. That creates an hour+ parking lot as well...

Oooooh, Summersville. In the Taco Bell? I shall have to take a picture of that parking lot next time I'm up there and ask you to point out which space it was. Just because.

*grins* West Virginians? Sane? Hahahahahhahaha!!!!!

I do appologize for the behavior of my fellow statesmen. Hehe....whoever drives it obviously doesn't see that a yellow tank kind of stands out...especially to police. Some people are so funny. :D

Hmm. I haven't seen a Hummer in that color yet, but city and county road service crews often drive heavy trucks (like Dodge Rams) painted in that lovely hue. At least you got home safely. Your headline caption had me worried for a moment.

"Omaha Orange" is the standard for highway equipment, at least in areas that haven't gone over to that weird yellow-green color.

That particular yellow-green is apparently the color most visible to the human eye. But people are used to red fire engines, so fire departments (which generally want trucks that are extremely visible) usually go with the traditional color so that everyone recognizes a fire engine when it's trying to pass them on a crowded road.

Being around that area alot, I live about an hour and a half south of there....I would have to say it was a tank painted blaze orange for hunting season. Because not only do we hunt deer in West Virginia most hunters feel it is necessary to run overy anything that gets in their way going to the woods. I feel your car is a victim of this circumstance.

Holiday weekends and driving just don't go together!

Glad you're all okay!

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