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(no subject)

There comes a time in every artist's life, the post-crisis period, when the show is over, the art has been arted and shipped off and you return from the trip laden with baggage and way more crap than you left with and dirty laundry, and whatnot, to a house that looks vaguely unfamiliar, and you look around, and say "Holy shit, I gotta clean this place."

That time of artistic crisis, during which painting more art is infinitely more important than vaccuuming, and the housekeeping descends into Death Clutter, has ended. And so, in between working on getting the backlog of Digger up to acceptable levels, I must work on getting the clutter down to acceptable levels. All other projects are on hold today. Today, we fight the forces of chaos! Today, we clean!

This morning, we blog about it and drink coffee!

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...cleaning AND coffee is * a potent mix!

* would that be an "is" or an "are"? i can never tell!

Re: remember, tho...

Well, they make a potent mix, anyway.

Mere words cannot express how well I know this feeling!

-The Gneech

*eyes her own cup of coffee and messy house*

Uh, that's what I'm doing, too. Yeah.

[Alopex] Of course, you could turn the act of cleaning into performance art by setting up a web cam and doing your dusting in a tutu...

...lurk in the corners, frightening the dust bunnies.

This syndrome is familiar even to those of us who are not artists. Any kind of deadline: harvesting, publishing, writing, etc. will create the same thing.

As far as I can see, the only preventative is to be as successful as Stephen King and hire someone to do the cleaning. And the trouble with that is, if anyone else clears up the clutter things disappear that I later need and may never find again. :)

Today, we fight! --was that an intentional (mis) quoting? (of LOTR)

Eh, I just never clean...

*eyes her mug of hot chocolate and heap of homework buried in her messy room*


Ugh. Cleaning. Coupled with a major case of post-con crud on my wife's part (three days of her body purging itself from all available orifices), my having to go right back to work post-con, having multiple commissions in-house from the con, and then this weekend our houseguests arrived...

Oh yeah. We spent a couple days powercleaning to get ready. We're hosting a Swedish homeschooler family on the Chicago leg of their travels around the world (quite literally). From here, they go to Seattle by train, then by plane to Fiji, and from there to New Zealand and Australia, then to India before returning to their farm west of Stockholm. We're tired, but the con was good, and the cleaning is done, and I just got a shipment of pendants and charms and clasps, so I am ready to take up pliers once again.

Enough cleaning! Art!

There's something very essentially "now" about those last two sentences.

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