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(no subject)

Veni, Vedi, V...um...cleany.

I even cleaned the studio. Well, parts of it. The floor, for example. (Cleaning the jumble of art supplies on the table Ain't Gonna Happen. It'd take me months to get such an efficient clutter going again.)

Also, I traded for entirely too much art. I have fifteen pieces I have to frame, and that's exercising restraint. I could redo the entire house in Furry Chic. Someone oughta write an decorating book for artists--there are so many that advise you to frame favored postcards and black and white photos and hang them as art, but I've yet to read one that mentions how you deal with having an art collection into which a Brazilian soccer team could be lost and forced to resort to cannibalism.

I have so much art to upload that I'm just gonna do a few a day, I think, lest it be glutted. But today we have "Dragon, Lollipop, Turnip," or "Dragon, Turnip, Lollipop," or something like that, because I can never remember what order the title is supposed to be in. One of the small little portrait miniatures I did for Furfest. One sold, this one didn't, and James is threatening to abscond with the miniature of the Donkey and his Goldfish, so the status of that one may be up in the air...


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I recommend Tokyo: A Certain Style. The photographer got fed up with architecture and interior decorating books that touted the "Japanese style" of ultra-clean, simple decorating, because nobody he knew lived like that. So he went around Tokyo taking photos of cluttered, tiny apartments, a good many of which belong to art students. You may not get any tips on how to deal with clutter, but it will instead transform a cramped, cluttered room into a room with style inside your mind. (If all else fails, adjust your expectations. :)

You can put up a couple, then digitalize the rest and use them as a screensaver slideshow on a free computer attached to a big monitor. lcds don't consume much power, and it's a pretty way to use a server sitting in the corner. ^^

OR, suspend them all from the ceiling like a mobile! Calder has nothing on you!

Vidi, veni, VD. ("I saw, I came, I chancred.")

Veni, Vidi, Varnish.

I love the "Slightly Twitchy Star" pic - please draw more along the same vein!

Veni, Vedi, Vaccuumi

I don't have clutter, I have stuff spread out upon surfaces to provide easy identification at a glance. I just can't DO that if they're packed up, stacked up, hidden.

I love the dragon's tongue. I wonder... which dragons have forked tongues? Do any of them? What about pilot lights at the end of tongues? This sorta looks like an anteater dragon or something, judging just from that. The momento veggie is an important moral lesson to us all.

My personal belief is that dragons actually eat a lot more vegetation than generally believed, because they need vegetation for the bacteria in their guts to break down to produce the methane. If you just give a dragon meat, she won't be able to breath much fire. Also, a dragon hatched and raised without being fed regurgitated vegetation by its parents will have an alimentary canal never colonized by the methanogenic bacteria, so they can't breath fire either.

Then again, I'm no cryptozoologist or anything like that, so don't cite me on that or anything.

Someone's been watching "The Flight of Dragons"...

Hmmm... haven't seen it, yet.

I also loved the tongue. It's the curvature of the tongue that makes the picture.

A bit off-topic, but I wanted to share that I find the line "Digger-Mousie be fierce dirt fish now, all little mousies run away." to be the funniest thing I've heard in a while. I don't know why, but it was hilarious.

Welcome home!

i am covetous of the lovely green of the dragon. i'm not sure how to advise on the excess art as i've been told 'no more art' myself. have you filled the hallways yet? many small pieces can add charm to a kitchen. and then, there's the rotating collection idea, but that's a slippery slope there.

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