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(no subject)

Did a "Digger" this morning. Updated the webpage with new art. (Not ALL the new art, but a fair chunk.)


(These will all be trickling out onto Yerf and Deviantart and whatnot over the next week, too, but I'm trying not to just do one huge art dump all at once.) There's still more to put up, god help me. I'm hoping to get all the available originals up this week, in case anybody decides to give the gift of Weird Art, but it's a daunting task--I did 20+ new pieces for MFF, and that's rather a lot to put up all at once...

And now, off to get my teeth cleaned. Yippee.

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Hihi Ursula. This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I suppose that's okay. I received your book yesterday (signed, yay!) and I absolutely LOVE it. I'm especially fond of Cecelia and her mango. :) However, I have a question, one that makes me feel vaguely guilty. Would you mind if I made copies from the book and made some cards for a friend? I'd of course make sure she knew the art was yours, and it would be strictly personal... we just have an ongoing chicken conspiracy theory that demands us to send chicken paraphernalia to each other whenever we find it, and I very desperately want to share the bowler hatted egg with her.

Hope you find the time to respond to this! I'd feel terribly guilty if I did it without permission!

*grin* Sure thing! No worries, as long as it's not for commercial use, s'all good...

[Alopex] Yay! Glad to hear books are starting to arrive and are being received warmly. The avalanche of orders have swamped our normal shipping routine (how's that for a mixed metaphor?), especially with Thanksgiving and out-of-town visitors to work around. Jeff wanted me to post to say that orders we received up through November 25th will be shipped as of tomorrow. That leaves a bit over a dozen left to package and ship before we're caught up. (Ran out of envelopes tonight.)

And as Ursula said, as long as you're not doing anything commercial or copying a large portion of the book, we're not worried about your chicken conspiracy. :)

I loved today's Digger. Plus the biology lesson. You're very cool. :)

Ok, I just made several people nervous with my maniacal giggling in the computer lab but your work is just great.
So, if I commissioned you to do a work having something to do with a gamers guild, how much money would I have to get from our school in order to pay for it?

*chuckle* Oh, a few hundred I imagine...it'd depend on what. However, currently on commission moratorium for another coupla months--I'm almost done with my current commission load, and I'm hoping to spend January and February doin' My Own Thing, and see if it's profitable enough to continue.

Yeah, that's the downside to browsing at school/college/uni. You alwys get funny looks :p

I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you're becoming for my daughter feychildthe, author and artist of The Stick Figure Dragons, your sense of humour, your style, it all appeals to her very much, and she's been learning a lot from you.


A side note, I got your book in the mail today, and could barely put it down long enough to go to class. ^^ I love it!

Things that make you go "Hmm"

A second vote for today's installment of Digger, but now I feel even more strongly that "Ed" is a girl.

(I first suspected- knowing about hyena anatomy and all- that Ed might be female after s/he spoke of his/her own "little one".)

Yes? No? Maybe?

Re: Things that make you go "Hmm"

Voting for female and incarnation of She-Is, here.

Re: Things that make you go "Hmm"

Sidenote: I keep reading "She-Is-Fiercer" as "She-Is-Faster." I think my subconscious is trying to connect it to "She's The Fastest," the female greyhound the Simpsons owned for an episode or two.

Re: Things that make you go "Hmm"

Well, only insomuch as every hyena woman would be the incarnation of She-is...

No... Ed being the actual avatar of said goddess would verge on jumping the shark... and if her art is any indicator, Ursula doesn't like sharks much.

This comment has nothing to do with your post, or any recent one as far as I can see, but I feel you might want to know anyway. I'm a big fan of your work (I'd like to buy some sometime- depends on what my parents say)...very inspiring! My friends and I have the same odd sense of humor as you, which makes your art even more appreciable. Anyway, on to the Point of this post. I was looking at your website and came accross your "Totem 1: Crow" work, in which you suggested no one had ever made a Blue-Footed Booby Totem. Well, I remembered that 2 years ago, my friend did. If you'd like to see a picture, just leave a comment and I'll be sure to get one.

BTW-thanks for sharing your weird thoughts with the world! (Art and Daily Adventures Alike)

I want "Nailing Down the Moon 2" to be a flocked blacklight posted for some unknown reason. X) Or mebbie just a normla one, but it's got lotsa black/reallydarkalmostblack areas that could be all fuzzy.

I really like "The Worm`s Turn" and "Nailing down the Moon" - the giant celestial bodies mixed with tiny critters idea works so well!

The Toast Incident

Is this in any way related to Calvin's famous "Noodle Incident?"

Hey, just a quick pop in to say 'OMG HEART FRIENDING' and I have a small art-type question.

You seem to draw a lot of wacky-type animals (like walruses! ...walrii?), and I was wondering if you had ever doodled an elephant seal. You see, I am curious because I feel elephant seals are the KINGS OF THE SEA. If you could answer, I would be very, very grateful.

No, I haven't, but I've always thought they were pretty neat lookin' things...maybe someday!

Really? But they have those wacky whatchamacallem's on their face! (is it just part of their nose? I probably used to know). They're such a wierd-looking animal I would have thought for sure there'd be at least one lurking around, somewhere...

Um...totally unrelated to your post, but since I've heard you mention that the banning-evolution-in-schools thing drives you as buggy as it does me, I thought you'd appreciate this.

Ursula, you are KILLING me with rodent cuteness here. The Toast Incident is the cutest, but I love the rats in Nailing Down the Moon, particularly the one in the forefront with the mallet. I get that rat.

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