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Um. Yeah. I had these 6 x 6 clayboard squares, and thought "Hey, I've never done a triptych before!" and this sorta came out. It's a small weirdness, not much more. Might be a Gearworld piece. The jury is often out for awhile on whether things are Gearworld or not.

Occasionally I feel like some sort of historian or anthropologist, perhaps more accurately, trying to put together a clear view of some region I've never visited, based on a collection of postcards, not all of which are even from the right region. Except it's worse than that, because I have to PAINT the bloody postcards as well, and Herodotus I ain't.

The funny thing is that I could sort of...I dunno...bend Gearworld to my will if I really wanted to. I could start dictating what it is and what it isn't, and what goes where, and naming places, the way I do Digger's universe or the continent that "Black Dogs" was set on, or what not. I could dig out graph paper and draw maps. There's a very distinctive sense that I Am Creating Stuff Now when you do that. I could say "This here is like this and it's always like this, because I say so." I could make Gearworld do that if I really wanted to. I think.

But I find myself reluctant to try that, as if that'd wreck something vital about it--it'd become just one of my made up worlds instead of some kind of tenuous link to the murky squishy nether regions of my brain. (I don't know if it even IS that, mind you, but I'd like to think so.) So I don't. My work is often silly, frequently even trivial, but Gearworld is something that seems to having something behind it. (This could just be wishful thinking on my part, but I cling to the notion.) So I don't try to dictate what it is too hard. Even if occasionally it seems like it'd be a lot easier that way.

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Good stuff. Ever tried working on a round or triangular canvas? ;)

Nah...I don't really like canvas all that much now that I have clayboard, and they don't make any funky clayboard shapes like that yet. But probably they will in the future and I'll have to try it!

As I already mentioned in Devart, I would love to have this on my walls, if I had money to buy it, and walls to put it on.
Oh well. Some day I'll have a paying job and be able to get one of your originals. But it's always The One You Did Right Now that I absolutely want...


I adore this piece...

...but I do have some meandering thoughts re: the Thingie. Not specific questions, necessarily, but places for your letting-it-flow to explore, perhaps?

It's obviously part of a civilization (else where did the ear-decorations come from? Its arms certainly aren't long enough to hang them itself).

I'd think that a creature that lives on rocks, unless they're specific, rare, kinds of rocks, however, has too many resources available to it to ever require the kind of cooperation that would develop a society that would evolve ornamentation.

And ornamentation means that someone thought enough of the Thingie to ornament it.

So the Thingies are obviously (to me) pets, or creatures in service to a kind of More Evolved Thingie that is capable of fondness.

I wonder who...

(As a side note, it's amazing how a little side-note detail like that can build an entire world... I've noticed that in my own writing. I draft something and along the way I just fill in a detail... and that detail spins off entire civilizations and histories. Neat stuff.)

*grin* Well, I can try, but I don't know quite how! Err...I suppose I could do one really tall one that would be 18 inches tall and maybe 5.5 wide, or I could do a set of three prints that were 8 x 8 to be framed that way...I mean, it can be done, I just don't know what people'd want!

I've seen scans of feather-art which are, frankly, almost like having the real feather from a distance of 2-3 feet. This might work in scanned mode.

Or you could get three little prints, and mat them together that way? (Or
separate the images on the one page so that they can have matboard between them slightly?)

It would be pretty darn cool...

Personally, I'd prefer the 8x8 threesome, as framing it together would be quite bothersome.

Having said that, I think I'd get it even as one piece.

So I'm no help.

*laugh* Well, drop an e-mail any time if you ever want to order one, and I'm happy to set it up in whatever fashion you'd prefer--either way's just as easy for me. *grin*

It's marvelous :) Really works as a triptych, because the long dangly Significant Gearworld Decoration[TM] draws the eye down the piece to the gears all snug at the bottom. And if the white mask made me think of Michael Myers, that's only because I spend too much time watching trashy horror flicks.

Am I wrong, or did I see "Bob Rulez" and "Ursula wuz here" in the graffiti on that wall? And would that make it less likely to be Gearworld, or more?

*grin* You did, indeed. The Ursula wuz here is my signature for this piece, and Bob Rulez just kind of came from nowhere...

Even in Gearworld, I imagine, there are people named Bob. And probably Ed. And given that it's me, probably a much higher percentage of the population than normal.

It's not a triptych... it's a criptych (spelling askew for effect).

It's probably just because I'm A Bad Man, and obsessive, but... the worm is mighty penile, and the crack in the wall... well... I'm going to that special hell.

<daffy> Tryptich tripty trippy trip trip trip</daffy>

Also having been spending time going through your web site (something i am ashamed to admit i have not done in many turnings of the moon) i have to thank you for not only sharing your art with us lower beings But I also Thank you much more than you may ever trully know for your art containg several of my favourite animals that no one really does muc art of (including myself because of lack of talent to do them justice i think)
Pangolins and Slugs
I love em
And your frogs are beyond any joy i know
and would you be terribly upset if i used some of your creatures in a RPG i am running. I figure it will make the people that memorized the damn Monster books cry.

you should jot up D&D 3ed stats for a few of those

just wanted to say thanks again for making art that makes me shed tears of joy and peals of laughter

My whole campaign made rule readers cry. I deep-sixed experience points cause I don't like big numbers and that was just the beginning...

I enjoy pretty much all of your artwork, but I love Gearworld (or Gearworld-esque, if this turns out to not actually be Gearworld, though it feel like it to me.) The Angel of Gearworld is my favorite; I only wish I had the budget to bring it home.

I really like this piece!! It tickles the same aesthetics (really good) abstract art sometimes does for me. Not to say it's exactly abstract... very neat how you combined an illustriative technique with abstract sensibilities. :)n Beautiful.

The fun of Gearworld is that it's nebulous! And then there is always the feeling that there is Something Important going on.

That's very, very cool! I'd love to see Gearworld expanded, and hear some stories behind it!

it'd become just one of my made up worlds

I know the feeling. There are pieces that come from what you want to do, and ones that come from what you need to do. The whys and whats of the ones you need to do rarely make sense, but if you don't do them, bad things happen.

I've been wrestling on and off for far too many years with a comic book idea. It comes from the underside of my brain. I've imposed a certain degree of structure and narrative on it in my notes for it, but I've resisted a lot of pinning-down impulses - the city it takes place in, for instance, has no name. It incorporates fragments of dreams I've had.

If you mapped Gearworld, wrote tomes of backstory and mythology, you might kill it. Nothing more to discover, nothing more to wonder about it, it's done. Obeying the instinct that says not to do this sort of thing is tough, sometimes.

Yeah, it's like Not Poking The Sore Tooth...the desire to WANT to know is pretty strong, and I always was the sort who reads the last page of a book way in advance so I know how it ends. *grin*

Oh, well, I suppose a little discipline is good for the soul.

After a while I start to think that deliberately not working something out is as important as working it out. This may just be a side-effect of the way I draw, admittedly, where what's unstated is as important as what's said explicitly. What texture is something I draw, really? Does it matter? What do all the gears in the walls do - does it matter? (Maybe it does; maybe that's a Deep Gearworld Secret waiting for the right painting to tell it.)

Most of the books I read... the last page doesn't tell you how it ends. It just makes it stop nicely. The real end is somewhere else, and the last few pages are... the last chord, resonating into silence, so to speak.

Narrative completeness isn't the be-all and end-all of a story, by any means. The Gearworld stuff really seems more like a continuing series of mood pieces than a story, or a defined place - it's a captive, looming mood, rendered in paint. And I imagine it'd be hard to use it as the backdrop for a story, without either going too cute for the mood, or too gloomy-and-goth to take it seriously any more. Doable, but the characters would have to rise from inside it, not be imposed on this cool moody setting...

Whereas I read the last page of a book before I buy it, if I don't know the author or the series, to see if the story came to as well-done a close as it opened.

Ursula... about how much would you say for the original? I really, really like it- the use of space and all, particularly.

Not sayin' I could get it necessarily, but I'd at least like to know what price range I should be saving for. *grin*

Well, somewhere in the $300-400 range is generally good for most of my medium sized art--the triptych format kinda threw the pricing weird on this one, since it's smaller in general area than a lot of my work, but James browbeat me into $300.

This piece, specifically, just sold a few minutes ago, though, so it may have to wait for another one. But if you ever see a piece you can't live without, I do take installment plans!

well said about the connection between yourself and this other world. In my well defined D&D world, I have fey who hate being named and defined for these very reasons. It really hit the nail on the head. Thus, the picture (which is great) also works for me on that subconscious other connected level.

I wish I lived near you.

It's the thingy!!!

I was reading this book a while ago called "Wizard's first Rule" by Terry Goodkind, and in it the main character had to crawl through this cave and got stuck in a narrow passage and something with long arms reached in and started scrathing at his legs. The book never tells you what it looks like, but when I saw this painting I knew that this was the thingy.

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