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(no subject)

Talking myself into my annual Futility Quest this year...submitting art to Spectrum. I'm not sure what to submit--there's an illo I did for Mongoose that I'm rather proud of, and "Walking the Frog" was pretty good, but beyond that, I'm stumped. While I'm proud of "The Polar Court" it's furry, and furry does not seem to get in very easily--same with "Penguin of Arabia." The giant & fairy piece is also a definite possibility. I think the Weird Fruit may be too weird, although the bighorn pears are tempting.

I only want to send two, maybe three tops, though, because the entry fees ain't all that cheap. So while the Mongoose illo is definitely in, and I'm leaning towards Walking the Frog, I dunno what to do for the third...Giant and Fairy is probably the most likely of the three to have acceptable subject matter, Polar Court is arguably the most dramatic and elaborate of the lot...I'm torn.

I probably won't get in--they didn't like either Sir Bunny or Bad Egg, and those are probably the two pieces I am most proud of so far, but I keep trying because...y'know.

Edit: Links, on request!


I've had Polar Court as my desktop on the two computers I use regularly ever since you posted it. So it gets my vote.

I'd go with Polar Court. True, It's Furry, but it's absolutely stunning.

probably won't get in-

yes but if ta don't try,.. it assured,..o.o

good luck,..:)

Could you post the links for them? I'd love to add my two cents, but don't always remember where to find things.

--A lurker

I'd vote for the Polar Court, because it is exquisite and the judges should be exposed to such things. And Giant and Fairy because it is (as others have pointed out) more likely to be taken seriously -- and also because the way you use rock in that picture is highly representative of your main body of work. Despite the lack of gears, the rock makes me wonder if it isn't in Gearworld too.

The mouse! The warrior mouse climbing up the curb with a spear or pole arm or something, among all those perfectly shaded leaves and greenery.

You know the one I mean (even if I can't remember the title).

It takes my breath away every time I see it.

*grin* I like that one too, but it's only open to pieces done in the last year.

I'd have to go with the Giant and the Fairy simply due to subject matter. Sure, Polar Court is more dramatic but I can count on one hand the number of furry pieces I've seen make it into Spectrum.

The giant and the fairy is definitely morelikely to get in than the Polar Court (even though I personally prefer the latter). The spectrum editors seem to really like fantasy things like that, while I'm not sure I've ever seen them publish furry art.

Huh, that time again, eh? Man, I don't know if I have anything good enough from the past year.

Anywho, it's always a crap shoot. It all depends on who they have for judges. It kinda sucks that you can't resubmit old stuff. Since the judges are new, it would all be new to them.

I always see work that gets in thats not as good as mine or your work, too.

So, like I said, it's always a crap shoot. I'd just submit whatever you like best. It seems like you like the Penguin Court best, so go with that.

Good luck!

I say don't cater. Send your best. If it helps, your work has a "fine children's book" quality that makes it seem less furry. (Not that I have any problem with furry, just that I can see you might worry your work will be pigeonholed as such.)

I agree; Polar Court in particular looks like something straight out of a fairy tale, and the not particularly anthropomorphic penguins there and in Penguin of Arabia don't read as especially furry to me.

My vote would be for a gearworld. Invasion or Angels...

Oh VERY definitely Gearworld. Hit 'em with the woman behind bars - there's so much story in it, especially since there's a human for the ordinary Gnurl Critic (they're more humanoid - probably some sort of goblin - than insect) to relate to.

What product was the art used for?

"Pirate Isles." I did a set of interiors for that one, and "The Free Companies."

I love the style and color of Giant and Fairy (very different from the rest you list), so I'd probably vote for that one, along with Walking the Frog or Penguin of Arabia.

Because I like the Penguin, damnit.

I'm with you on that. I'd recommend Penguin of Arabia over Polar Court, because frankly, it's not a furry piece. It's a PENGUIN on a CAMEL. How can you fail?

Giant and Fairy is, of course, the best choice when one considers the narrow-mindedness of the genre. But still... penguin on a camel goddammit.

Well, I personally love any of your drawings with fangirlish favor, but trying to see through a magazine publisher's eyes for a second I'd say definitely go for Polar Court and the fat fairy... er, Walking The Frog.
Just because I love fat fairies ^^;


Oh, and also I love Penguin Of Arabia... it's not in your choice list though :(

I'd send in the Bighorn Pears, personally. I love the Weird Fruit, and I think that one's a great piece. Failing that, Giant and the Fairy sounds good.