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How Ursula has been spending her last few evenings...

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Squeeee!!! That is wonderful. I like her alot.

I like her a lot too! (And her black cock! Heeheeheehee.) And the very blase black cat.

Very keen. And much wow.

I like it! Way to dive at the real-media challenge. :)

::hisses at the nasty red X box in the corner::

Ah, now I see why you needed a picture of a "black cock..."

Heh. That cat. It looks like he's saying "This is my family. Yeah, they're all freaks. Can I go now?"

And the rooster wants to sell me this lovely charm which will calm my blood and make me feel good about doing his bidding...

Ok. This will probably be ranted at, cursed, spit on, etc, but I don't like the voodoo doll.I suppose if I don't have something nice to say I shouldn't say anything at all, but I also believe art is meant to be commented on. I love the cat's and hag's expressions and the pretty greens. And what would a voodoo picture be without a voodoo doll, but it just...hangs there around her neck. I really have no idea why it irks me, quite honestly. I guess I just don't get the groove of the voodoo doll.
Ahwell, it's the only part of the picture I don't like. And you are definetly as gifted at real media as you are at digital. Please don't take my commentary personally; it's not like I can paint anything better than fingerpaintings.

Wooo! Glistening black cock! Nearly 12 inches long!

I love her smile. You should have called it 'when earth mothers go bad' ... because she's green! ;P

*stops the bad visual jokes right now*

In a creepy kind of way.

Very nice. I love her expression.

That rooster is really, really well-drawn. :D

That's a great picture. That black cock turned out well. So did the black pussy.

I'm so very sorry. I can't pass up a good pun. (or a bad one) It's a disease, I'm sure.

...oh...lord....I didn't even see that...

The Frog walker's Bigger, badder, sister?

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