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(no subject)

It's foggy.

For awhile, the view off the deck resembled an "Atmospheric Perspective For Beginners" tutorial--everything faded neatly into misty white, in a very crisp gradient of dark bare trees to airbrushed gray shadows. Life rarely imitates art so perfectly.

Then twilight hit, and the fog turned blue. It was really quite extraordinarily blue. It was like driving through a KPT Bryce scene. And the streetlights came on, and were perfectly airbrushed circles of orange fading into the perfectly airbrushed blue, and I had to resist the urge to roll down the windows and yell at Nature: "Quit using the airbrush! Crisp! Crisp! You're getting all mushy!"

Possibly I have some unresolved issues.

Then I came up to an intersection, and it got really cool, since the reds turned the air into a deep misty purple, and the greens turned it turquoise. And that was snazzy.

On the way home, after purchasing a few stuffed animals for the kids on the Christmas list (and gazing longingly at the Folkmanis puppets and thinking "Crud, I wish some of the kids were old enough to appreciate a really FABULOUS stuffed animal..." which at 3 and 5 they probably aren't, and lacking the space to justify getting myself one, because all I'd do would be stick it on a shelf somewhere and forget to dust it, even though they're Really Cool. Has anybody seen the Chinese dragon one? It kicks ass.) darkness had fallen, which meant that it was just kinda like driving through dense fog. But it was neat while it lasted.

I have the small Chinese dragon (having stood in the dealers' room for ten minutes talking myself down from the big one). He sits on top of my monitor next to Plush!Cthulhu.

Which is one answer to what one does with stuffed animals as a (more-or-less) adult.

(Deleted comment)
I have seen the plush chinese dragon. I seriously considered getting it for use as a D&D miniature (which would have been impressive when 25mm humans took it on).

I have the green Chinese dragon. He spends most of his time scaring off the mastodon herd.

I really wanted the red one, too...


I've never heard of Folkmanis. Is there a webpage?

(Deleted comment)
Ursula is tempted to critique Nature's art technique</a>

I am so glad to see other people having thoughts like that.

Oh, thank god. I knew I wasn't the only one...

I guess people see what they're trained to see. . .

The Shroud of Turok
Driving to work this morning was a lot like playing an N64 game, with the magic wall of fog a dozen feet from my face as I cruised at 55 miles per hour. The only real difference was the absence of a layer of smeary textures (blame the new glasses for that one) and the fact that the frame rate never dropped below a smooth 60fps. It seems sort of dangerous to drive so fast with such poor visibility, but I was abetted with the confident belief that if I suffered a traffic mishap, I'd respawn a few feet away with a triumphant cry of "I... AM TUROK!"

I have the Baby Dragon, I also have a WoodBaby of the Jhari Cat variety. He decorates the top of the dresser out of cat-range, and decorates renfaire costumes. So suddenly those little puppets don't look quite so bad.

For other weird stuffed... critters?... check out Giant Microbes. I don't own any, but I will eventually buy the plush yeast as a mascot for my brewing kit. (Maybe baking too.)

Truly, they are the greatest puppets ever - I have about twenty of them. The hermit crab puppet? Awesome. Of those currently in production, I have to recommend the Sea Serpent. It's five feet long. Truly, it is a puppet of extraordinary magnitude.

And then you can give your puppet its own sock puppet to be scared of...

Fokmanis puppets are the coolest ever!

I gave one to Kathy Garrison (she of Magpie House Design comics fame: ) as a gift, since one of her web comics features a character called Pepe the Fire Ant.

Here's Pepe attacking Scott Kellogg of 21st Century Fox at Kathy's cottage:

Web comic artists don't have very good parry rolls.

When Pepe's Attack!

Fun, creative stuff, I love them :)


Would you mind if I used those in captionator?

I actually sleep with my stuffed animals, a large penguin from Sea World named Pengin(boyfriend's fault for the name, it's actually his doll from when we went for his birthday but I'm the girl so stuffed animals gravitate towards my side of the bed I guess) and a smaller killer whale also from Sea World, currently unnamed because I never got around to it.

... Are you kidding? Perhaps I was a weird little kid, but at 5 years old, I would have died of glee to get a puppet that cool. (I'd still die of glee to get one now!)

I think you're just jealous that nature is better with an airbrush than you are. ;)

*grin* Since I've never actually used a real, physical airbrush, you're probably right..

My mother says she works for the school system just so she has an excuse to buy the folkmanis puppets for school. They are cool.

I have a cute widdle otter, I couldn't resist buying it at the local nature center. But...omg, there's a website with MORE cute stuffies!!! AHHHHH now I have to buy even more!