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(no subject)

I have PMS.

*listens to the fading footsteps of half her readers fleeing into the night*

No, seriously, this won't get messy. No gory details, I promise. I have that rare and weird form of hyperactive creative PMS that strikes every few months, which means that I've turned out a heckuva lot of art in the last few days, and will culminate in an eventual collapse into a bag of potato chips and ranch dip. Mmmm....ranch dip....

Err, right. The results are that I've been practicing my exaggeration and foreshortening lately. They always say that you're supposed to be able to render correctly before you can distort convincingly, and I'm finally at the point where, whether or not I can render correctly, I at least think I can, which has given me the confidence to play around with a couple of exaggerated pieces lately, which I've quite enjoyed doing. I dunno if the results have any great artist merit--they started out as a "big pants" kind of lark, and we all know what they say about the big pants thing--or are even any more lively than my usual, but I'll share 'em anyhow.

Kirin Eating Ramen
Shrunken Head

and, for Raynflower, because she's right that there are dozens of lemur species other than the ringtail:

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What a crazy looking animal. o_o; It doesn't look like those of the monkey-kind at all. In the face anyway. :D (Yes, I looked up photos, found this thing too! http://www.enchantedlearning.com/agifs/Ayeaye_bw.GIF )

And don't mention Ranch! ;_; I've had a craving for ranch dressing and cucumber spears/raw broccoli and all we have is the broccoli and I'm too lazy to go buy some myself. XD (Or, amended, I'm too lazy to do ALL the family grocery shopping, because I can't just go buy what I'm craving if I go at all.)

...Now I have the insane urge to do food related artwork. Nutty.

Hey, I'm doing a trade with Raynflower ^_^

Excellent designs as usual.

Wow. weird form of PMS, but dayum, good output.

The exaggeration is good, but if you knock the detail down by 30-40 percent you will have a spot on cartoony style going. Lovely colors.


Okapi-tan mykapi-tan!

Always a treat to see something new by you.

Rushed at the moment, but I shall revisit these.

===|==============/ Level Head

(Deleted comment)
No, no! There were two, I swear! I updated my webpage with two, anyhow--they were a day apart on the other archives, however. *cowers from the bullwhip* We're up to page 24 now, in any case, so...err..synchronize art? In fact, I'll just provide a quick link in case anyone missed it...

Page 24 of Irrational Fears!

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