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Poor Stumpy!

Rabbit-hole entries to commence later, but for now, a sad note--I woke up, and saw Gimpy on the feeder. I almost didn't recognize him because you could now call him "Stumpy"--his tail's about a third the length of a regular squirrel tail, and significantly shorter than it was yesterday. There are bloody claw marks in his bad leg, too (although not too much blood, he's cleaned it very neatly and they're small holes.)

I am not fast enough to catch a three-legged squirrel. It would appear that something else isn't quite fast enough either, but fast enough to come pretty close. I wonder if this is going to continue until his entire hind end has become truncated, or if something'll finally get lucky and snag him.

Poor Gimpy. He can eat all of my camellia he wants.

UPDATE: Hold the phone! That's not Gimpy!

Or if it is, Gimpy has an astonishing gift for instantaneous tail regeneration, as he's currently hanging off the feeder stuffing his face, and his tail is the proper length. So obviously what has happened is that a second squirrel (who will henceforth be known as Stumpy) has run afoul of some beast in the exact same manner as Gimpy--it got him by the left hind quarter and yanked, dislocating the leg and clawing it up a bit, except that Stumpy also lost the majority of his tail.

I still don't know if I am just living in some kind of ward for defective and hard luck squirrels, or if this would happen if one took the time to watch any small population of animals for a year, or what.

Well, I feel obscurely relieved. Good luck, Stumpy! If Gimpy can make it, so can you!

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Hopefully he will know to avoid dogs and cats a bit better now... O:

I love the Squirrel Opera! (Sort of like Soap Opera, only, well, more squirrely!)

Perhaps Gimpy is in some sort of support group for mobility-impaired squirrells and said to a fellow member "You've GOT to come to this one house. They've got the most delicious camellia bulbs..."

I was thinking the same thing. :D

If another squirrel has the exact same kind of injury, it kind of makes me wonder if there isn't something in the area that's damaging them... perhaps some sort of trap or mess of scrap metal or something that they get into and it fucks them up.

Just a thought. More likely its a particularly sadistic or inept cat.

Yeah, I was kinda wondering about snares myself, but I have no real way to tell. If these two are joined by...err...starting to run out of names...Limpy or Captain Ahab or whatever, I'll start to get suspicious. Not that there's anything much I can do about it...

Keep this up and you'll aquire all 7 dwarves in squirrel form... only they will all be gimps.

Snow White and the seven squirrels . . .
All of 'em diseased, maimed, or crippled.

Like they say: Two's coincidence, three's an epidemic

I also imagine a leg-hold trap.

What an interesting life you lead.

Sounds like the squirrel community has gotten wind of the healing properties of your camellias. I'd be on the lookout for tiny shrines.

[Alopex] Given the fact that these squirrels haven't actually been healed by the camellias, as far as we can tell from Ursula's narrative so far, I don't think you're quite on the mark there. However, the camellias may have other properties that make the squirrels think that they're healed, or that put them in a mental state where they no longer care that they're injured. Now that would be something shrineworthy!

Hey Ursula, time to fess up! Exactly what variety of "camelias" is that you're growing out there?

*looks furtive* Heeeey, man...wanna buy a dime bag of camellia?

A group portrait, if you please, of Gimpy, Stumpy, and Lumpy. Please, please please. :)

...this is beginning to sound like the Three Stooges!

The Unfortunate Knights of the White Camellia.

The originals were morally handicapped. ]:-/

===|==============/ Level Head

I'm not sure what you could do about people setting squirrel snares in the area. I find it kind of upsetting, because there are safe traps. We have one because we get squirrels in our attic fairly frequently. =\

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