UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

It seems to have iced up last night. Well, a little. Not nearly as bad as it was supposed to be. The news made it sound like the icestorm was not only going to coat everything in six inches of glazed death, it would come in, eat our food, brutalize our pets, and made rude gestures at our women.*

However, mostly it just seems soggy with a few little icy bits. If you look out the back, the trees get paler and paler in the distance, each twig among the high branches carefully outlined in ice against the white sky, which is a lovely and enchanting effect that one is rarely free to enjoy without the pipes bursting and the car mortared to the driveway, so I'm enjoying it.

In answer to people asking me about WoW, I am but a lowly 15th level noob of a paladin, playing with James, an only marginally less lowly 15th level noob of a hunter, and his succession of strange pets. I do mining and blacksmithing. And cooking. And occasionally fishing. (Grackle, on Bloodhoof, if anyone is looking. Although I warn you now, my witty repartee tends to suffer when I'm whomping...)

*James wishes to add "Sodomize my toes" to this. I don't argue with a man making me an omelet.
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