UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Was feeling pretty dragged out, so I went back to bed for an hour--I don't do that very often, actually, but working at home does have SOME advantages. Had a bizarre dream. I was visiting a women's prison with my friend Kathy. I've never actually visited a women's prison, so it probably doesn't resemble that combination of low-income housing and middle school, with a riot room, machine shop, and shared restrooms. Or then again, perhaps it does. I dunno.

If there are cats in women's prisons, they probably don't wear molded rubber body armor with a vaguely samurai motif. Also, I can't imagine they have a trapping work-study program, so there is no explanation for why I was leaving and someone handed me a stack of otter faces. (Like...skins. Only just the faces, with the eyeholes. It was like a stack of those little domino masks, only made out of half-cured pelt. And those must've been some HUGE otters...

The other odd bit, as I left, wandering down a gravel road which appeared to be somewhere in the Southwest, was that I kept finding these little animal fetishes in the gravel. And I was talking to them, too. There was a gray one of a snake's head, and then a lot of vertebrae, and a snakes tail a little way away, and I was saying "Snake...buddy...what's happened to you? What are you doing out here?" and so forth. It was a little odd.

That'll teach me to go back to bed for an hour...
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