UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Slice of Life -- Maternal Division

Was talking to my mother yesterday, and she was telling me about her latest painting, which is based on that photo I took of the bluebird's butt. (I am delighted that my mother, who is, like, a Real Artist in every sense of the word, is turning her fearfully honed talents to this vital subject.)

"I love this bird's butt," she said. "It's so...fluffy!"

"Great!" I said.

"It is really cute, though."

"Well...." ("Cute" in fine art circles, as most of us know, is a Bad Thing. My mother's probably already risking excommunication by painting wildlife in the first place.)

"But it's okay that it's cute," she said.

"It is?"

"Because cute is the new shocking!"


God help us. God help us all.

Visit their website or something. http://www.mcruddart.com I wrote most of the commentary. The images all need to be a lot bigger, which I've told 'em about, but they haven't fixed it yet--they don't do justice to some of these huge, psychotically detailed paintings of tree roots at all. But it's still worth looking at!
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