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Finally, got the first five pages of "Digger" up.

I feel obligated to put a caveat here. First of all, this is not replacing, delaying, or what-have-you "Conspiracy of Mammals" or "Irrational Fears." Do not send me pointed e-mails, I beg of you. This is a style experiment. If I can get the megascribble worked out to my satisfaction as a comic style, then I'll be switching those two over to it (it's easy to color) and since it takes between three and four hours to get one of these done, compared to seven-to-nine for a page where I draw/scan/arrange/ink, once I get this style nailed down, I can get t'other ones out a lot faster, which will keep my enthusiasm higher, etc, etc. (Gothbat's style will probably stay as is, bein' single panel and all.)

T'other caveat is that since this is a style experiment, I retain the right to leave Digger hanging in mid-air once I've got the style worked out to my satisfaction. Get attached at your peril! (Okay, okay, I'm already attached and it'll nag at me relentlessly like a bad cavity if I do, but damnit...)

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

I am proud of page 5. Every now and then I do a piece that I go "Damn, I'm glad I did that," and page 5 is one of 'em. In time, I'm sure my love will fade, as my skill improves, but for now, I'm glad.
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