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This arrived in my in-box. I'm sure they meant well.

"hello... im am writing to tell u to draw some more..
your stuff is getting old. but it is good. i also want to know if u are a gorl or boy beacuse i wonder about that"

I will resist my desire to reply "Dear fan, I am a wemon" as my buddy Alexis suggested. I am, as always, delighted they took the time to write me, and shall send a polite response, but once again I must wonder if some essential meaning is lost between the time they type and the point where I read, or if "your stuff is getting old" is just random damning with faint praise, or something that didn't translate terribly well, or maybe just another accident of spelling.

Still, it doesn't quite top the thing with the dragon and littie boy. That one almost ranks up there with the poor guy trying to contact time travelers.

Oh, and have another page of Digger.
Page 6
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