UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Side Effects of Distraction

I have been working on a painting with fiendish obsession--as in, I haven't stopped all day. This means that I am a Digger and a quarter in the hole. I don't care. I will slave over the wombat this weekend or something. I must finish this painting.

The side effect was that my right arm aches more or less from wrist to shoulder. I became aware of this eventually, got up distractedly, wandered into the bathroom for some painkillers, swallowed, and was halfway back to my seat when I thought "Heeeeey....did I just take a birth control pill?"

Yes. Yes, I did. My brain is on serious autopilot Probably a good thing that my pain was not sufficient to take two. Fortunately, we also have Advil...
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