UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

So I got into the studio, unloaded my art supplies, looked around at the clutter and the wreckage of con prep, and said "This place is a sty! I should clean it. I should clean the house. I should frame all this cool new art. I should overhaul my entire decor (and I use the term loosely) so that I have space to put it all. I should do a solid wall of 8.5 x 11 prints. Yeah. That'd be cool! I should...STOP AVOIDING WORK BECAUSE TRINOC IS IN THREE DAYS, IDIOT!"


But I've gotten an 8 x 10 done! (Entitled "Happiness Is A Warm Turnip." Not as weird as it sounds.) So far, so good. I have an assload of errands to run this afternoon, including depositing the Wad 'O Cash, but hopefully I'll be able to crank out another piece tonight. Madness!

And then, when it's all over, and my motivation is nonexistant, I'll clean.
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