UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Today, I'm gonna try not painting. I was not painting already, mind you, but now I'll do it consciously. No paint for you! And we'll see if, in my perverse little brain, this generates a desire TO paint, or at least gives me a mental break, so that I'm not starting and dropping paintings like a...thing...with...a short...attention span...thing. I'll work on Black Dogs, maybe sketch a little (but only sketch!) and get the drawing for Wormly's costume done (Wormly has been patiently awaiting clothing. Since I don't actually know how to sew, this will require assistance from my buddy Carlota, who has kindly offered to help me get 'im clad at some point, once I get his clothes sketched out.)

I had thought about trying to track down the zoo, but then I thought 90+ degree weather, brand new shoes still not broken in...mmm....prap's I'll wait a couple more weeks on that one...
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