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Random Factoids

Did you know that in order to be able to drink half their bodyweight, and still fly, vampire bats have to urinate continuously while feeding?

More importantly, did you want to know that?

That has no bearing on what I've been doing lately, but I had to share. That'd put a real damper on the whole vampire mystique..."Leesten to ze children of ze night. Vat beauteeful music zay make. Sheet! Exzuse me, ze blood, eet goez right through me..."

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*covers eyes* No, no I didn't want to know that. Dammit, now I have vampires with bladder problems on the brain...

There is a reason that the common folk who are the vampire bat's normal prey were called peons, you know.

===|==============/ Level Head


I've had way, way too much exposure to appalling vampire-as-fetish-object fiction for this new piece of information to not cause me a great deal of psychological trauma.


That's just... I can't stop laughing.

Wow, it took up a lot of courage to post here...I just wanted to say that I admire your work more than that of anyone else. Not just your art, although that never ceases to impress me, but your mind. Your rants are often humorous, but you make very good points. Even when one doesn't agree, they can still see your side of things. I can't say which I appreciate more...entries like this, or like the one above. I just decided to comment here since I felt it would be almost insulting to comment with something unrelated on one more serious. I wish I could articuluate better how awed I am by your talent, both verbally and visually, and I wish I could make this post witty, but any writing talent I may posess has abandoned me. I have one little request of you, and I don't think that it would take too much of your time...would you sign my Livejournal? With the comment buttons. You don't need to write anything in particular, just your name would suffice. I know that this is a bit strange (expecially from me, who does not like autographs to begin with), but humor me. Please? Thank you.

That explains why vampires flush after feeding!
~giggles manically..can't wait to share this little tidbit!~


Was watching a TLC show the other night

Vampire bats appear to be the ONLY animals that can remember favors for LONG periods of time(apart from humans that is).

Aparently vampire bats need to feed every night, going without food for a night could mean death. So the vampire bats who have fed regurgitate blood to those unlucky enough to not have found a meal. However, if the bat who didnt get food refuses to return the favor later on it will be blacklisted by its' fellows. So the next time it doesn't eat none of the other bats will feed it because it refused to share before. Vampire bats can recognize 'cheats' in their society, and effectively weed them out. If you take, but don't give you might eventually find yourself starved in vampire bat society.

I found this extremely remarkable, however I think that with further research we could find other animal species who do this as well.

Oh my fairygodmother!! That's the funniest tidbit I've heard in a *long* while!! I'll never be able to watch Buffy or Angel the same way again...

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