UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Three days to beat Jade Empire. I feel smug. Not that it was a terribly difficult game, and suited my random button mash style very well, but entertaining none the less. And not a bad story at all. (Damnit, though, I remember the infancy of CRPGs with romance-with-party-members subplots. I think it was "Gateway to the Savage Frontier" by SSI. At 28, I can't claim this makes me old, but in twenty years, shaking my controller at the young whippersnappers, that's gonna date me sorely.)

Probably as proof that I am inherently a wuss, however, every single game in the recent trend of good-or-evil sees me playin' the noxiously good guy. I can't stand to kick even virtual puppies. And it pains me to be rude even to conglomerates of pixels.

Obviously that early Catholic influence took with a vengeance...
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