UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

The Allegra wasn't helping. I spent last night like death, and this morning was running at maybe 60% capacity. I slogged grimly on.

"Ya know," said James, "a coupla people who had my plague didn't cough at all. They just sneezed and got congested. Sorta like allergies."

I gave him a suspicious look, then had to sit down and rest for a minute.

"Try a Dayquil," he said.

I tried a Dayquil.

Bugger if I don't feel a lot better now.

So while my allergies are doubtless not helping the matter, it would appear that the sudden deathly spasm I experienced is, in fact, a variant of James's Plague. I am torn between dismay that I am gonna be flattened like this for another day or two, and delight that I'm hopefully only gonna be flattened like this for another day or two.
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