UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Sheesh, what is up with the anthro-moving dreams lately? This time I was moving into an apartment, in college, and I was one of a party of gnolls from WoW. Now, admittedly, I was playing WoW last night--after months of being away, I got cruelling re-bitten by the bug (Cenarion Circle, a multitude of characters, look for people with "wombat" in the name.)--and even slaying gnolls, so that's understandable, but another moving dream! Lord! I was trying to ram bookcases into a room too small to hold them all.

I understand the moving dream, I can understand why I have the anthro dreams--after all, as deeply steeped in weird animals as I am, it'd be odder if I didn't ocasionally dream in that context--but the combination of the two is a little unsettling.
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