UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Name That Artist!

This is makin' me crazy.

Long long ago, I was looking for some artist or other, and I tripped over one of those endless Gallery of Stuff sites, where there's art by the score and nonexistant documentation. And here the real toll of such things come out, because some of the art had a really cool style, with no name, and I have been completely unable to find who the artist was, and I want to see more, damnit!

So! Does anybody recognize this person's stuff? The name "Clarke" shows up in the file names, but various google searches for clarke and art and illustration and myth and everything I could possibly think of turned up nothin'. I'd really like to find out who this is, because they've got a really interesting style. The site these were on is long gone, of course, so I can't even track it down there.


Anybody recognize it?
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