UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

'Tis the Season

Glance out on deck. See two squirrels goin' at it like bunnies on the railing. I have the blinds partially drawn, so there's only a two foot stretch of deck railing visible, out of at least twenty feet of available railing, and they appear to have deliberately found the one spot where a casual glance would cause me to freeze, coffee cup hovering in midair.

The female squirrel kept knocking him off the railing. He'd fall over the side, catch himself on one of the uprights, and then swarm back up and leap back in the metaphorical saddle. One must admire his dedication. At last she relented. Granted that the final process took maybe three seconds, hardly enough time to even start her grocery list in her head, she could probably have saved herself the minute worth of roughhousing and gotten it over with, but presumably there's some Darwinian mate-selection process behind it all.
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