UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Went birdwatching over at Lake Crabtree this morning. It seemed quiet today--saw a fair number of birds, but not the riotous sapsucker carnival or anything. Definitely worth it, though, as I saw six American coots in a tight little line, and got very close to a golden-crowned kinglet, who was bopping through the sedges like a lunatic, upside-down, right-side up, cute as hell. Plus a lot of the usual suspects--juncoes, Indeterminate Sparrows, blue jays, great blue herons, ring-billed gulls, etc. And what appeared to be the Lake Crabtree bald eagle, off in the distance--a huge dark bird with flat wings and a white tail. (It's surprising how difficult it is to see a white head on a dark bird when the sky is pale grey.)

Then I came back home, looked out the window, and the brown creeper was on the tree. So that was cool too.
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