UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Slice of Life -- Porcine Division

Man, I've been painting a LOT of pigs lately. For some reason, for the last couple weeks, it's just been pig central. I'm working on a revised sketch of yet ANOTHER pig, and ranting to James about my pig-heavy workload lately. (I mean, I love piggies, but I'm in some kind of weird Swine-Space at the moment...)

J: "Well, it's like the old saying. You can dress a pig up..."

U: (waits for it)

J: "But you can't marry him!"

U: ...

J: "You can't take him to dinner?"

U: (head in hands)

J: "No! I've got it! You can dress a pig up, but you can't expect him to do your taxes!"
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