UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

I am having this urge to tackle the oil paints again.

The desperate mess of it all is what's holding me back (and lord, what a mess it is) and I'd have to dig 'em all out of the closet and clean up my acrylics, first, and it's cold out, so if I work in a well ventilated area (as I should!) then I will be an artistsicle within the hour, and I don't have enough brain cells left from my misspent youth to squander them snarfing up fumes if there's any earthly way to avoid it.

And I really should work on a coupla small, cute pieces for my little coffee-shop show at the end of the month. Which I will be doing in acrylic, so I'd need to put the oils away and re-get out the acrylics.



Bugger, I still wanna work with oils.
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