UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

There is a large brown rabbit at the bottom of the yard. He is a handsome agouti, paling towards the belly, with erect ears, and the big, liquid eyes of a Japanese anime princess.

He doesn't seem terribly nervous, he's not moving lifting his head or flicking his ears neurotically. In fact, he's not doing much of anything. He's not grazing, he's just sitting there, a solidy built brown bunny in a carpet of pine needles, wild strawberry and bugleweed.

I'd name him something Watership Down-esque, like Bigwig or Threarah, but he's a fairly generic agouti rabbit, most noticeable by being half again the size of any wild rabbit I've seen around here, and unless all his friends, wives, and relations are pint-sized or albino or disfigured or wear nametags, they will probably be indistinguishable. But we'll see.

He is not noticeably Defective. I will keep a careful eye out.
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