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New comic. (woohoo!) and thus ends the set that I illustrated in one furious swoop last Saturday, while my gaming partners, having walked into a trap, constructed a crude siege engine out of a couple of benches and a cauldron and used it to break down portcullises in an medival dungeon, despite the fact that we're ostenibly Shadowrunners from 2053 or so. (Our GM attempted to adapt a Forgotten Realms module for Shadowrun. Unfortunately, the strength of ancient dwarven architecture, while impressive, does not hold up well to a rocket launcher. I don't think the writers of the scenario quite anticipated our "Let's just blow everything up," method, but it's all good. I do feel a little bad, though, as our poor GM attempts to lavishly describe the elaborate carvings on the doors, only to be told "Look, just tell us how big a hole we put in it.") Anyway, the do-a-few-pages-in-advance method seemed to work out well--I'm much more likely to work on them if they're layed out already, so if I can just turn out another few pages of illustrations and do the layouts in one evening, then I can ink and color at my leisure. Since things are finally moving towards their ultimate conclusion in the Underbed, I'm eager to wrap things up, too, and move on to weirder pastures. (Still don't know how she's gonna defeat Mothman...)

Cat still has bladder infection, although it seems to be getting better. You know that you love an animal past all good sense when you hear yourself exclaim with delight "Yes! You're peeing more! Great! Good cat!" as he widdles on the linoleum (but it's a good sign, with a bladder infection, that he's going less frequently, but in greater quantity.) Hmm....maybe I should do an Irrational Fears on "Fear of cat with bladder infections"?


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. . . Except that the fear of cats with bladder infections is perfectly rational.

By the bye, I love that thing with the chupacabra. And one of these days I'm going to get around to leaving thoughtful commentary on your Elfwood library pages, but for now, I'll just casually mention that even if I'd never laid eyes on your art, you'd still be my hero for writing Black Dogs.

I still need to read that.... "Black Dogs", I mean. Knowing how much I love Ursula's writing, you'd think I'd have gotten around to it sooner than (insert future date of reading said story).

And, I'd have to agree. Kitties with b-infections type of fear *is* rational. At least, to a cat lover/owner who cares for them (not nessessarily the same thing).

Mothman? Don't moths have fragile wings? I seem to remember, as a child anyway, "Don't touch a moth/butterfly's wings - all the wing dust will come off and his wings will be fragile and he can't fly and he can't find food and he'll die."

Then again, I might be underestimating the terror of Mothman, since I'm not quite sure I've ever seen him. I mean like in movies or whatever. I'm pretty damn sure if I saw a mothman in real life I'd remember it.

Woohoo indeed!

===|==============/ Level Head

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