UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Worked like a dog yesterday, got a lot done--the exclusive whatsit, a page of Digger, etc. This morning, cleared some space out in the spare room, sent various boxes to live somewhere else, and hung some art, so it's been a productive few days.

I rewarded myself by spending an hour out in the yard slaying vines. A japanese honeysuckle is crawling through this one thicket, which contains poison ivy, some sort of flowering berry bush, a dogwood, a great many hostas, and some interesting trees.

I should kill the honeysuckle.


It should die.

It's an invasive non-native strangly thing.

Definitely ought to kill it.

But every evening for the past week, when I stand outside, I smell this wave of honeysuckle scent drifting off the white flowers, a sweet, decadent scent so perfect it should be backing a Tenessee Williams play about dysfunctional Southern beauty queens, and I can't do it just yet.

I am weak.

When the flowers are all gone, I'll send James in there with the shears. It's poison ivy infested anyway, he's immune, it's his job.

To make up for my weakness, I took out a dead gum tree that's been crushing this thicket of...unidentified things...at the bottom of the yard. It was quite a large tree, but never underestimate the power of a crazy woman with a saw attempting to compensate for her honeysuckle problem.

Now, I need to get back to work...Anthrocon is a month and some change away, and it's the usual wonderful dilemna--every time I do a medium-large show piece for it and think "Hah! This'll draw 'em in at Anthrocon!" somebody buys it, which is great! I couldn't be more pleased!--but still leaves me short art. At the moment I have exactly two paintings for AC, and one of them is one of those enormous not-gonna-sell-in-a-million-years things. So definitely need to start working on that.
Tags: garden
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