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Not much goin' on today...did the layouts for the next three "Irrational Fears" (and either two or three more after that, then this story arc ends, for a grand total of either thirty-one or thirty-two pages, depending on how long it takes Chu to recover from being pummelled by a monster.) I'm not sure what the next fear is gonna be, but I did promise to at least get Bob & Squeak & the severed brain a bit more resolved, so I'll have a little while to think about it. Mothman is currently the top contender, neck-and-neck with Two Nightmares About Lizards, with perhaps a one-page interlude to handle my atavistic terror of the lowly house centipede. Cat still leaking, but seems otherwise chipper, eating like a fuzzy little hog. Have cordoned off kitchen and bathroom as "incontinent cat territory" and am grimly anticipating a few hours spent with Pinesol once cat is healthy again. The joys of pet ownership are myriad and neverending.

I've got something with a flying squirrel and magnolias in progress, but I may work on my Great Unfinished Samurai Novel instead...been neglecting it for awhile. However, watching "Samurai Jack" always gets the creative juices flowing--I love that show. Actually, I'm not sure how I lived without cable--there's this rivetting documentary about honey badgers on right now. I had no idea that honey badgers were the African equivalent of the wolverine--I had a vague impression of good natured, cuddly little things. Shows what I know. They're really cute, though, even if they are psychotic little buggers. I should paint an anthro one.

Speaking of anthros, I tripped over this while poking idily through the VCL recents, and thought it was really engaging--check out the artist's other work, there's some very nice stuff there, and c'mon! You're reading a livejournal, obviously you're looking for stuff to peruse, right? Right.

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What is "The Mothman"?


As I recall, Ursula's had a fear of Mothmen since watching 'The Mothman Prophecies'. For more about this and other terrors, read her 5th rambling "Nudity and Night Terrors".

Good question. "Mothman" is this thingy that a bunch of people supposedly saw during the sixties in the Midwest, and which has had sporadic sightings before and after--quite a few, if you trust cryptozoology sources, not that many, if you're a skeptic like me. Sort've like Bigfoot, or the Jersey Devil. Anyway, it's a big black thingy like a humanoid moth with very large red eyes. There was a movie called "The Mothman Prophecies" not too long ago. More rational types postulate that the original sighting was in fact a sandhill crane (very tall, black wings, red head patches that can be mistaken for eyes) or a very confused Arctic owl that was later spotted in the region. I read about it as a kid, found it vaguely creepy, saw the movie as an adult, had the bejeezus scared outta me, (despite the fact that it wasn't that scary) and now Mothman has a premier place in the gallery of Stupid Crap That Scares Me.

There's some more information in the Self-Made Critic's review, here. As well as what I assume are spoilers, though the movie is based loosely on historical events, which makes the spoiler issue, if not moot, then at least kind of surreal. I haven't seen it, but it sounds like, like the Cell, a movie that will frustrate me because I can see better, more coherent and interesting places the writers could have taken the material.

And in a continuing cyberstalker theme, I'm watching that documentary now. I didn't plan this, I've just seen it before and like it.

Interesting. Even more interesting that this scared you as an adult. Usually it's the "fear of home invasion burglaries, nuclear war, drowning in one's car, and the loss of a significant other that scares adults, other than the usual "Phobas". so for this movie it was just the 'creep factor"?

Scott (Yeah, scared of spiders, sort of... And havingabridge collapse under me when I'm drving on it.)

Well...I think it's the same reason I'm scared of aliens. See, I have this deep seated belief that I can out-think, out-talk, out-con, or, if worse comes to worse, at least go down fighting against just about any normal foe (and I include things like ghosts, demons, and other things of probable non-existence in this, as well as the more prosaic human assailants.) So I'm not scared of many of them--show me a ghost, and I'll start thumping around and checking the wiring and the drains to make sure it's not mice or swamp gas. But things that for some reason want me for something, but have no interest in talking to me, such as aliens, or Mothman, who's motives I do not understand, and cannot figure out, freak me out, because if it's not willing to talk, how'm I gonna bargain/threaten/cajole it into submission? I don't know if they're real, but they give me the heeby-jeebies.

Home invasion and nuclear war are rational fears, and thus don't fall under my chupacabra's domain...I mean, I can have her enter the archetypal Underbed and soothe my fear of monsters, but if I get burglars, she won't be much help, unless I do manage to get it published and happen to have a heavy stack of 'em lying around to bludgeon the guy to death with. It's the irrational ones, or at least the ones that I'm in no danger of, that I gotta milk for plot. Like Mothman. And maybe aliens. (I don't know how you defeat aliens. Make them watch "Signs" five hundred times until their brains explode, maybe.)

Actually, that makes a lot of sense. This wouldn't cross into, saya gruzzly bear, that may want to eat you, and you can't reason with it, after all, it's a bear,right? Or is it that mystery of the unexplained? Now that can get really creepy too. I don't like listening to Art bell, because sometimes the creep factor gets to overwhelming.


Yea, just reading about the Mothman spookes me. I haven't seen the movie and am afraid to because It Will Cause Nightmares for me.

Btw, I think that artist is on the Yerf boards and IRC channel as jill0r or Spades. Cute stuff she does. I don't know if she is on Yerf itself though.

Honey badgers are up there on my list of Cool Animals. I have a honey badger character I drew maybe twice as a companion for Jak, my wolverine guy, but for some reason I never really drew her again.

They allegedly have a cool relationship with the honey guide. The honey guide finds a beehive, finds a honey badger, the badger follows it to the beehive, knocks it down, and they both eat the sweet stuff. Fascinating, reeally -- symbiotic relationships in the animal kingdom never fail to get my attention. It's probably a deep-seated instinct, but it sounds like something on way more sentient a scale than that.

Wish I'd caught the documentary.:/

Yay, that's mercurypale's art. She is Teh Cool, and should be on Yerf.

aw, hey, thanks for your comment! glad to know you enjoy my stuff, really :)
i'm quite flattered. :) you do some pretty incredible stuff yourself, so keep up the good work!

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