UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

I am easily distractable.

Example: the following chain of mental events, as I was looking at some neat sketch-to-painting examples of Magic cards.

Brain: Neat! Neat! Eh, serviceable. Neat! Ooo. Eh, the sketch was better. Neat!

Body: My arm hurts.

Brain: Suck it up.

Body: *wiggle*

Brain: And now, back to the art! Neat! Neat! Hey, let's check the e-mail. Spam! Spam! Neat! Spam! Eh...

Body: My side hurts.

Brain: Whiner.

Body: Now my arm AND my side hurts.

Brain: Why?

Body: Possibly the fact we've been sitting with an opaque projector tucked under our arm for the last half hour?

Brain: Oh, that. I was going to change the bulb so I could work on that painting.

Body: Do you think we could maybe set it down until we're done on the computer? It's hard plastic and it's poking me.

Brain: If we set it down, we have to admit we were fooling on the computer instead of working. The projector stays!

Body: *sigh*
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