UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Comic-Con Ho!

Well, I am mostly packed, and mostly ready, and trying really really hard not to think about the Eisners, so that I won't be crushed when I don't win one. *grin*

Today I packed, I wibbled, I picked up books and snacks for the plane, I noodled around on a story, I uploaded Diggers for next week, I got a dreadful sinus headache, and then, 'pon agent's request, I wrote a proposal for a multi-book comic series, including plot synopses for the first three books, more or less off the cuff, while it felt like someone was hammering a railroad spike into my eye.

This may come back to haunt me at a later date.

Still, I feel good about it, except for the railroad spike in the eye part.

Tomorrow, I get up painfully early and get on a plane.

I'm definitely getting the itch to paint again, which is undoubtedly because I couldn't possibly start a painting today, so I'm looking forward to getting back from the con, and back into the artistic swing 'o things. Writing doesn't yet give me the I-am-accomplishing-stuff buzz--probably because I haven't yet made any money on it!--so I've been feeling more like a slacker than usual these days.

Anyway! Anybody who's goin' to the Con, I am most likely to be found by the Sofawolf table, and other that that...couldn't say. But hope to see you there!
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