UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Graphic Smash is down for server migration, leaving me unable to upload this week's Diggers (and even if I could, no one could see them anyway.) If it continues to be down tomorrow, rather than mess around with a day a lot of people won't see, and having to post an alternate, I may just have to skip Tuesday's update and pick up on Thursday.

This gives me a twinge. Even though it's not my fault, and I have no control over the matter, the fact that Digger is one of the more reliable webcomics on the web is a point of pride for me. It may move like a glacier, but goddamnit, it moves!

Still, I know Manley is migrating as fast as humanly possible, and staying up most of the night to do it, so it's certainly not his fault, but I twinge nonetheless.
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